The foot is one of the most important structures in your body. The feet provide your foundation and transportation for a lifetime. However, hard surfaces at work and play — along with constrictive footwear — have produced a multitude of foot ailments that can affect your entire health and well-being.

Many foot problems are inherited, while others result from abnormal pressures that cause deformities to develop during childhood. Periodic examinations of a child’s feet during the growing years are vital to a child’s lifetime foot health. As a child, correction of a foot problem is easier to attain and much less costly and time-consuming.

Untreated foot disorders can cause painful complications. Bunions, corns, calluses, leg, and back disorders have been demonstrated to be the result of poor foot function. The problems can stop a person from participating in various work-related, social, or athletic activities. Therefore, treatment and correction of foot problems are best started at the earliest stages.

A podiatrist is a specialist who will help you overcome your foot ailments. The podiatrist holds a D. P. M. (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) degree. Most foot problems can be treated with or without surgery by a podiatrist, who can provide foot care to both children and adults.

Orthodics Body

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are individually designed shoe inserts that can relieve foot pain by altering the abnormal function of the feet. The orthotics help to re-align the feet back to the proper position so the patient can stand, walk, and run more comfortably. However, orthotics are NOT simply arch supports. Each custom orthotic built in Edmonton by our team is uniquely designed for you and your specific needs.

Will You Need Orthotics?

The podiatrists (foot specialists) at the Edmonton Foot Health Centre will determine if you will benefit from foot orthotics after careful consideration of your symptoms and thorough examination of your feet. Over the many years, the podiatrists at our centre have achieved great success in the orthotic treatment of many foot problems. They use orthotics to treat patients of all age groups.

Types of Foot Problems Helped by Orthotics

Some of the more common foot problems which can be helped by orthotics include heel pain, flat feet, high arches, bunions, hammertoes, and calluses. Our podiatrists have also utilized orthotics to treat ankle weakness and frequent sprains. Sometimes, knee and back pain may be relieved by orthotic control. The foot surgeons at the Edmonton Foot Health Centre can recommend orthotics after surgical correction of certain foot deformities. In that case, the use of orthotics is an attempt to reduce the possibility that the deformity may recur.

Types of Foot Orthotics

The podiatrists at our centre can prescribe different orthotic designs with various materials. Their decision of what orthotic type is best suited for you is based upon your presenting foot problem, your shoe preference, and your activity level. Our goal is to improve your foot function and relieve your foot pain.

Orthotics for Adults

The orthotics for these patients can be made from rigid, semi-rigid or soft materials. The rigid orthotics are intended to control function or motion of the feet. Adults who need some re-alignment of their feet and lower limb will benefit from this kind of orthotics. The semi-rigid orthotics will permit both control and shock absorption. Thus, this type is recommended for athletes. The soft orthotics are protective in nature. These orthotics are ideal for patients with diabetes or arthritis so excessive pressure can be removed from sore areas of the feet and the weight more evenly distributed along the bottom of the feet.

Orthotics for Children

Orthotics can be used for children as soon as they start to walk. The podiatrists at the Edmonton Foot Health Centre have used foot orthotics to treat flat feet, pigeon toe and in-toeing in children. Their use is intended to prevent the development of the foot deformity during growth and the limit of future foot symptoms. The orthotics can be placed inside the child’s shoes. The amount of time required for orthotic treatment in children will depend upon the seriousness of the foot deformity and how soon the treatment is initiated.

Prescribed Custom-Made Functional Orthotics

At the Edmonton Foot Health Centre, our orthotics are prescribed, custom-made inserts that can be transferred from shoe to shoe so that you can wear your orthotics full time, like eyeglasses. If our doctor decides that orthotics are needed to treat your foot ailments, we will book you in for a foot scan and get an exact mould of your feet. Your foot scans will then be directly emailed to a lab, where technicians will make your orthotics. We usually get the orthotics back after two or three weeks, and we will call you once they come in.

These orthotics are specially tailored to your feet to correct problems that are causing you pain in your feet, ankles, knees, back, etc. when you become mobile. The orthotics work to support your feet and help improve your foot and body posture so that you will no longer feel pain when you walk. If you suspect orthotics could help you, book an appointment with us today and our doctors will render a proper diagnosis.


If you, a family member or a friend suffer from the foot deformities mentioned, it may be beneficial to speak to one of the podiatrists at the Edmonton Foot Health Centre about custom orthotics in Edmonton.